Even at the best of times, I still worry. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to keep track of my emotions, avoiding irrational behavior, particularly when it comes to work-related matters. Fortunately, I’ve got more than enough work on my plate to keep me preoccupied. Even so, because a lot of the time I’m writing about guys (and girls) like you, I continue to empathize. I get that you worry a lot this early in the game. Having said this much already, let me give you your first lesson on being a successful social media-oriented entrepreneur.

Don’t ever procrastinate. Don’t put off things until tomorrow when it can just as easily be done today. And this is the thing about Instagram and the likes of social media platforms and its circles. Things are moving pretty fast these days. And I wouldn’t ever like to see you losing out. You know what they say; he who hesitates. But that’s okay, let me get right on to one concern that seems to trouble the sceptics. They’re never really sure or not whether they can buy real Instagram followers in order to beef up their very fresh-looking platform.

I give you an emphatic yes on this! Of course, you can. Initially, when you do buy followers, they might appear to be inactive. It gives off the appearance of just being a number for appearance’s sake if I can put it to you like that. But the thing is; perception. Random viewers directed to your platform are going to see this and they’re going to wonder what all the fuss (is that a good way of putting it?) is about. Of course the numbers matter. And you’ve got to be careful about this.

Let’s say now you’ve got your own apiary on a smallholding just outside of town. You’ve got a small business, for now, seeing as you’ve just started out. And there are only about twenty thousand people living in this here town of yours. This is your local market, never mind your target market. And you’re one of the regulars at your town’s Saturday morning arts, crafts and organic produce market. So, just tell me this. How the heck is it going to look if you’ve got, like, 50,000 followers on your platform?

How’s that looking for your future growth. It looks pretty ridiculous. So, I guess that’s another important lesson out of the way. Don’t you ever, ever cook the books? It’s one of the quickest ways to close a business, and worse. Future, organic growth becomes a dim prospect should you ever be considering an expansion, something you should work on later on. In this day and age, it’s how you sustain a business. Keeping things growing keeps you in business, simple as that. Even on this small, local level, as I’ve given in this humble example, you could have rivals stepping in. And what if they’re a lot more pro than you are? Got to watch that.

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