It is official. Instagram is the best. There is no longer any comparison when choosing between two of the world’s biggest social media giants, Facebook and, of course, Instagram. This is interesting because it seems like just yesterday when the tech giant liked what it saw and decided to buy Instagram. At the time of this epic event, no surprise for guessing that the news of this giant purchase went viral. It had stock market players all abuzz. But it would not be fair to say that the herd mentality set in.

Savvy and bespoke investors saw the value in taking ownership of a young company like Instagram. You could be part of that factotum too. And you should, in principle, be taking ownership of it anyhow. The moment you registered an account with Instagram, the platform was yours. And you did not even need to spend a dime to take it as your own. And, furthermore, from this day forward, you need not spend more than a few dollars buying Instagram followers to help kick-start the organic growth of your platform’s popularity.

Years from now, and maybe not even as long as that, you could look back and smile, sipping your favorite cool cocktail on that private idyllic beach of yours, reminiscing about the day you decided to sell your enterprise to the highest bidder. Thanks to the use of the Instagram platform, you could grow your business to cataclysmic heights. The Insta brand and all its tools is one of the best social platforms for small startups to show off their wares these days. Marketing and advertising is hard work on the best of days.

It can also be frightfully expensive if you are brave enough to outsource the work. But the thing about conventional marketing and advertising work, IT geniuses notwithstanding, is that no matter what captive formula they come up with, there is still no guarantee that the selling case will work. In any case, many of you are still too cash-strapped to go pro. So, in the positive sense of the word, you could just as well go for broke. Many of the world’s great entrepreneurs and SM influencers took the plunge.

And look where it got them. Top of the heap as the old song goes. Everyone, young and old, has their favorite superheroes. Old men still shed a tear for their old Batman. Youngsters, from one generation to the next, continue to have a thing for Spiderman, and he never seems to age, does he. And today, both boys and girls, young and old, are all agog for the gorgeous Wonder Woman. Make Instagram your new superhero. And you will end up becoming a superman or wonder woman, as the case may be for you.

A few years ago now, they did this study. It revealed that Instagram engagement for commercial enterprises was nearly sixty times higher than those rivals still plying their trade on Facebook.

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