Facebook is the mack daddy of social media, the largest, most popular, and most known site out there today. More than 400 million people access their FB account each day.  Facebook users have various reasons to use the site. Some people simply want to make new friends, some people come to learn information, and others want to get to know businesses on a more personalized level. If you aren’t using Facebook already, take a look at the eight reasons below to use the site and make sure you are getting the most from social media.

  1. Increase Exposure: What do you have to offer the world? No matter your product, service, or inspiration, Facebook provides the platform needed to reach the people who you need to reach.
  2. Learn: You can find study groups, pages, and other tools that help you learn when using this site. No matter the topics of interest to you, FB has what you want and need and so much more.
  3. Build Brand Loyalty: Facebook is easy to use to build customer loyalty to your company. The results are quite amazing and you will enjoy seeing the new loyal fans that come your way when you interact, engage, and have fun! You can get brand loyalty if you put forth the efforts.
  4. Improved SEO: Search Engine Optimization is important to help you get more organic traffic to your website. When used correctly, FB can help improve your SEO and get your name out there to the largest audience possible.
  5. New Friends: You can make new friends when moving to a city, meet people in other states and countries, and otherwise meet new people using the site. I’ve met some pretty neat people when using the site and some of them are still friends today!
  6. News & Information: Around 60% of the world uses social media, especially Facebook, to gain their news and latest information. If you want to know the 5-day forecast, the latest sports news, or something else, FB has you covered.
  7. Share Social Media: Instagram is owned by Facebook and it is easy to connect accounts, share information, and even buy automatic Instagram likes to get more attention on your brand.
  8. Pass Time: The average person spends about two hours each day on social media. It is one of the best boredom busters around, especially when using the right sites. Not only can you use Facebook to interact, meet new people, and promote, you can use the site to play games, enjoy puzzles, and more.

Facebook is the most popular site in the world for a reason. Millions of people love to use the site to have fun, build their brand, and otherwise enjoy their time. If you’re not already a part of the fun, ask yourself why and make the change today. This social media platform has everything that you need to do great things in life, no matter what that means to you!

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